Recipe for Aquarius: Fried

Recipe for Aquarius: Fried The primary food for Aquarius is associated with water its all the gifts the aquatic environment fish, crabs and other crustaceans, molluscs, etc.

in any cooking.

Fruits and melons for those born under the sign of Aquarius quince and melon soup vegetables beets, eggplant, fennel, parsley.

Spices for Aquarius: 1 I have a decade January 2130 cardamom, mint, cumin, vanilla, sage; 2 I have a decade January 31February 9 cumin, cloves, mint, peppermint; Third decade 1019 February cardamom, mint, cumin, vanilla, lemon peel, sage.

Recipe for Aquarius: Fried scallops.

4 servings: 4 cups rowing Cove, 1 egg, 2 tbsp.

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So I repeat

So I repeat All my readers should firmly remember that the treatment and purification are one and the same.

Neither the disease does not leave you forever if you do not clean the body and do not give him a chance, they say, nor mally work.

I know Ive said this, but also know that many are willing to ignore these words.

So I repeat ryayu every important position its system repeatedly that to even the most obstinate and opinionated readers, it is deposited in the head.

Do not forget, because the book is written so that the mere reading have on you cleaning effect.

Thus, the principles that underlie the recovery of my method is very simple and immutable, as all but the brainchild Nature.

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Remains Preheat oven to 220 °.

Mix the lemon zest, chopped herbs, garlic and 1 tbsp.

of butter, salt and pepper.

Handle spoon evenly distributed casting this stuffing under the skin, rubbing into meat.

Chicken legs with salt and pepper.

Red onion clear from the husk and cut each onion into eight to Lek.

The remaining garlic cloves clear from the husk and cut in half.

Carrot Wash, peel off to zhitsy and cut into large chunks.

Chicken eye Rochko with onion, garlic and carrots folded into a refractory form.

Remains of olive oil mixture shat with lemon juice and sprinkle them chicken.


contributed to it in the oven for 40 minutes at this twice to flip.

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As additional

As additional Duration: 5 weeks.

Features diet: the author suggests, in essence, Vat raw food diet, that is, eat raw vegetables and fruits.

As additional products proposes gayutsya cheeses and lowfat yogurt 5%, lean meat.

At the same quantity of food, as well as mealtime not regulated there can be as much as you want.

Result diet involves not only weight loss, but also normalization of food brewing and metabolism, and at the end of the course irre Yachiyo traditional unhealthy foods flour and confectionery, sweets, heavy fatty foods.

Prohibited products: fatty meat and fish products, meat and canned fish, smoked any cereal and pasta fruit except green apples any bread and other flour products sauces, spices, salt sugar in any form Recommended products: raw vegetables in unlimited quantities lowfat cheese and yogurt lean meat and chicken, lean fish green apples boiled egg tea and coffee, water in unlimited quantities Diet for five weeks: 12nd week Daily at any time in the event of hunger eat raw vegetables in unlimited quantities with cheese or yogurt in any combination.

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For his cooki

For his cooki It is best to start with a thick vegetable soup.

For his cooki tion can be used turnips, onions, celery, cabbage any vegetables that are allowed in the first phase.

Can be used to thicken celery or egg yolk, or mushrooms, shredded state mixer until mashed.

Serving soup, you can add a teaspoon of butter or sour cream.

Evening after be avoided meat, better to replace it a bird, eggs or fish mi.

Do not eat sausages, they lead to a large intake of saturated fats.

In the evening you can eat cheese or yo herd depending on what you ate for dinner best not to repeat.

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  • Strong pepper
  • Fats are complex
  • 2nd day 1st breakfast
  • Cut the base
  • Minced basil, 1 egg, 2 tbsp. tablespoons
  • Remains
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  • Proteins
  • Fruits, berries
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